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    Kitchen thermometer - Various kitchen and cooking items

    A cooking thermometer, also known as a cooking probe thermometer, is a kitchen instrument that measures the internal temperature of food during cooking. This ensures that food is cooked to the ideal temperature for accurate and safe cooking results. The cooking heatwaves are available in different styles and models. Here is a description of the main cooking heat wave styles and some renowned European manufacturers:

    Cooking Heat Wave Styles:

    Wire Cooking Thermostat: This style of thermostat consists of a metal probe connected to a control unit at the end of a wire. You insert the probe into the food you

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    ... are cooking, and the wire allows you to remotely monitor the temperature by placing the control unit outside the oven or stove. Some control units have alarms to warn you when the desired temperature is reached.

    Wireless Cooking Thermometer: Wireless cooking thermometers are similar to wired thermometers, but have wireless technology to transmit the temperature to a remote control unit. This allows you to monitor cooking remotely without worrying about wires.

    Instant Cooking Thermos: This type of cooking thermos is designed to give a quick temperature reading in seconds. It is usually digital and can be used for quick measurements during cooking, for example to check the temperature of a grilled meat.

    Prick cooking thermometer: These thermometers are equipped with a sharp probe that you prick directly into the food. They are ideal for roast meats, poultry and large pieces of meat.

    European manufacturers of cooking heat waves:

    Thermapen (ThermoWorks)


    Eva Solo 

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