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    Tent - Tents

    A tent is a portable and foldable structure used to provide shelter for people from wind, sun, rain, and other elements during outdoor activities such as camping, festivals, or outdoor events. Tents are typically made from lightweight and durable materials such as nylon, polyester, or cotton, and are supported by poles made of aluminum, fiberglass, or steel.

    There are different types of tents suitable for various needs and weather conditions:

    1. Dome tent: It has a dome-shaped structure and is easy to set up. It offers good stability and versatile use.

    2. Tunnel tent: It has an elongated tunnel shape and provides

    BERGER CAMPING - tente tunnel 3 personnes - Tent
    tente tunnel 3 personnes

    This inflatable tent is quick and easy to erect and offers plenty of space and storage thanks to its ...

    BERGER CAMPING - nordisk svalbard 1 personne - Tent
    nordisk svalbard 1 personne

    The Svalbard 1 PU is a spacious and extremely stable single-person tent that withstands the magic ...

    CABANON - patrouille 1 tapis zippé - Tent
    patrouille 1 tapis zippé

    The timeless Scout Tent! A classic, reliable model for group accommodation. The Patrouille tent is ...

    Price upon request

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    CABANON - caravane pliante manga de luxe - Tent
    caravane pliante manga de luxe

    This folding caravan will provide you with all the comfort you need for a successful family holiday: ...

    Price upon request
    CABANON - barbados - Tent

    The family version of the classic pyramid tent. This tent is extremely spacious, with a lovely, ...

    Price upon request
    BERGER CAMPING - dôme rustic green - Tent
    dôme rustic green

    The simple construction of this dome tent with two poles has long been appreciated by camping ...

    Price upon request
    ... a large interior space. It is often used for group camping.

  • Family tent: It is spacious and designed to accommodate multiple people. It offers separate compartments for added privacy.

  • Hiking tent: It is lightweight and compact, designed for hikers and adventurers who frequently move around.

  • Tipi tent: It has a traditional conical shape and is often used for festivals or as an additional tent.

  • Roof tent: It is specifically designed to be mounted on the roof of a vehicle, providing convenient accommodation during camping trips.

  • In Europe, there are many reputable tent manufacturers. Here are some of them:

    1. Coleman - Germany: Coleman is a renowned manufacturer of tents and camping equipment. Website:

    2. Vango - United Kingdom: Vango offers a wide range of high-quality camping tents. Website:

    3. MSR - United States (with European manufacturing): MSR (Mountain Safety Research) specializes in lightweight and durable hiking tents. Website:

    4. Decathlon - France: Decathlon is a sports retailer that offers a variety of affordable tents for different uses. Website:

    5. Hilleberg - Sweden: Hilleberg is known for its rugged and extreme-weather-resistant tents. Website:

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