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    Incense burner - Incense

    An incense burner is a small ceramic, metal or wooden receptacle used to burn incense. It is often used to contain incense sticks, but can also be used to burn incense cones or bulk incense.

    Incense burners are generally designed to be placed on a flat and stable surface, such as a table or altar. They can have a simple shape or be decorated with more elaborate decorations or patterns to add a decorative touch to where they are used.

    The incense burner is usually equipped with a small holder or hole to insert the incense stick, as well as

    Greggio - royal collection art. 9271832 - Incense Burner

    Incense burner

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    ANTIQUATED -  - Incense Burner
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    QUESACK -  - Incense Burner

    Used since antiquity, its scent of wild juniper, invites us to live in connection and harmony with ...

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    ... a cavity to collect the ashes. When an incense stick is lit, the smoke is released from the burnt tip and diffuses into the air. The ashes fall into the cavity of the incense burner, which facilitates the subsequent cleaning.

    It is important to note that burning incense should be used with caution. It should never be left unattended when there is burning incense, and should be placed away from any flammable object. It is also recommended to ventilate the room to avoid accumulation of smoke and ash.

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