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    Garbage disposal - Various equipment

    Garbage dumpsters, also known as built-in garbage cans or integrated kitchen garbage cans, are devices designed for the discreet collection of waste in the kitchen.

    Garbage Can Styles:

    Built-in garbage chute under the sink: This style is integrated directly under the kitchen sink. It is usually composed of removable waste bins or compartments for sorting waste, such as recyclable and non-recyclable waste.

    Built-in garbage chute: Some garbage bins are built into the kitchen countertop, allowing waste to be thrown directly into the garbage chute by lifting a built-in lid.

    Built-in Kitchen Island Garbage Dump: Kitchens with a central island can

    ... have built-in garbage cans in the island for convenient access from any side.

    Automatic dumpster: Automatic dumpsters open when a sensor detects movement nearby, allowing waste to be disposed of without touching the garbage.

    European manufacturers of waste dumpsters:

    Blanco (Germany): Blanco is a German manufacturer renowned for its kitchen products, including high-quality built-in garbage cans.

    Franke (Switzerland): Franke, a Swiss company, offers a range of built-in dumpsters for elegant integration into the kitchen.

    Häfele (Germany): Häfele is a German company specialising in hardware and storage solutions for kitchen furniture, including built-in garbage cans.

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