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    Copper egg-white bowl - Various kitchen and cooking items

    The white bowl, also known as a white mixer or egg beater, is an essential kitchen utensil for beating egg whites and preparing meringues, soufflés, light cakes and other recipes that require beaten egg whites.

    Here is a description of different styles of blank basins and some renowned European manufacturers that produce them:

    Copper blank basin:

    Copper blank basins are the most traditional and are appreciated for their excellent temperature control.
    Copper allows a uniform distribution of heat, which is essential for beating egg whites at the ideal temperature.
    Copper basins are usually coated inside a thin layer of tin

    Mauviel - m'passion 26cm - Copper Egg White Bowl
    m'passion 26cm

    Egg white basin copper bronze frame diameter 26 cm,This basin in half-sphere will be very useful for ...


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    ... to avoid any chemical reaction with egg whites.
    Renowned European manufacturers: Mauviel (France) and Matfer Bourgeat (France).

    Stainless steel white bowl:

    White stainless steel basins are a more modern option and easier to maintain.
    They are corrosion resistant and do not chemically react with egg whites.
    Stainless steel offers excellent thermal conductivity.
    Notable European manufacturers: De Buyer (France) and Kuhn Rikon (Switzerland).

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