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    Dariole mould - Moulds

    A dariole mould is a kitchen utensil specially designed for the preparation of darioles, small desserts or individual baked dishes. Darioles are small cakes or culinary preparations usually served in small individual portions. Dariole molds have a special shape that gives these preparations their distinctive appearance. Some characteristics of a typical dariole mould include:

    Conical or cylindrical shape: Dariole molds usually have a conical or cylindrical shape with straight walls. The base of the mold can be flat or slightly rounded.

    Material: Dariole molds can be made from a variety of materials including metal, silicone and ceramics. Metal molds are

    ... common and are often non-stick to facilitate demoulding.

    Varied size: Dariole molds are available in different sizes to suit the needs of the recipe you are preparing. They can be used to create sweet or salty darioles.

    Easy release: Many dariole molds are equipped with a non-stick coating to facilitate the release of darioles once they are cooked. This ensures that the darioles keep their shape and appearance intact.

    Versatility: Dariole molds can be used to prepare a variety of dishes, whether sweet desserts like puddings, creams, flans, or savory dishes like timpani or small soufflés.

    Dariole molds are appreciated for their ability to create elegant and well-presented individual portions. They are commonly used in pastry to prepare desserts such as puddings, crème brûlées or steamed cakes.

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