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    Madeleine mould - Moulds

    A madeleines mold is a kitchen utensil specially designed for the preparation of madeleines, small French pastries in the shape of a shell. These moulds are designed to give the madeleines their characteristic shape and to ensure even cooking. Some characteristics of a typical madeleine mold include:

    Shape of cavities: Madeleine mussels have individual shell-shaped cavities, usually scallop-shaped. This distinctive shape gives the madeleines their characteristic appearance.

    Material: Madeleine molds are usually made of metal, especially steel coated with non-stick material. This makes it easier to unmould the madeleines once they are cooked. Some silicone molds are also available.


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    ... size: Madeleine molds are available in different sizes, but the standard size is usually 3 to 4 inches (about 7.5 to 10 cm) long for each madeleine.

    Ease of demoulding: Non-stick metal molds are known for their ability to easily unmold madeleines without damaging them. The silicone molds are also non-stick and flexible, making it easy to remove the mold.

    Decorative patterns: Some metal madeleine molds have decorative patterns inside the cavities, which adds an aesthetic touch to baked madeleines.

    The use of a madeleine mould is essential to obtain the classic shape of these French pastries. Once you have prepared the madeleine dough, you place it in each cavity of the mold, then you bake it in the oven. Madeleines grow during cooking to fill the shape of the cavity, creating their characteristic appearance with a bump in the middle.

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