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    Relief engraving - Works on paper

    Relief engraving is a technique where the parts to be printed are raised in relation to the rest of the surface of the matrix. This means that the parts to be printed are sculpted or carved into the material, while the rest of the surface is removed or left intact. Here is some additional information about relief engraving:

    Types of relief engraving: The most common techniques of relief engraving are wood engraving and linoleum engraving. In wood engraving, a wooden plate is used as the matrix, while in linoleum engraving, a linoleum plate is used. In both cases, the parts

    stratos-pizarra - detalle vegetal - Relief Engraving

    Designer : Alfonso Jiménez

    Mural ENGRAVED in stone. Natural slate. The engravings conform to the dimensions requested from 60 x ...

    Price upon request
    ... to be printed are raised, forming protruding surfaces.

    Tools for relief engraving: The tools used for relief engraving may vary depending on the chosen technique. For wood engraving, gouges are used to carve the wood and create the desired shapes. For linoleum engraving, gouges or special knives can be used to cut and carve the linoleum.

    Inking and printing: Once the relief matrix is prepared, ink is applied to the raised surface using a rubber roller called a brayer. Excess ink is then wiped away, leaving ink only on the raised parts. Then, a support, usually paper, is pressed against the matrix to transfer the ink and create the print.

    Aesthetic characteristics: Relief engraving offers prints with crisp lines and strong contrasts. The raised parts create distinct areas of color or tone when printed. The final effect can be more textured and rustic than intaglio engravings, with strong lines and a three-dimensional appearance.

    Artistic uses: Relief engraving is used in various artistic fields, such as creating art prints, book illustrations, greeting cards, fabric prints, and even metal engravings. Artists can experiment with different techniques and styles to create expressive and unique images.

    Relief engraving provides a creative approach to engraving, highlighting the raised parts to create visually striking prints. It is a popular technique among artists and offers a wide range of artistic expressions.

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