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    Movable wall - Partitions

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    From the largest to the smallest, the surfaces multiply. To move the walls is to open your establishment to all the opportunities of a flexible space. With a minimum of interventions and almost no maintenance, everything becomes possible: receive at will and in a few minutes 30 or 300 people, organize at the same time and as much as necessary meetings, lounges and receptions, respond to the most diverse requests and multiply your probabilities of renting rooms ... This potential is all the richer because it relies on technical reliability, acoustic performance and recognised aesthetic qualities. New or old, all ...
    CEILICA - aquario - Movable Wall

    Designer : Ceilica

    Tensioned wall, with a translucent coating, with UVI ink print, illuminated by LEDs.

    85 € approx.


    Algaflex -  - Movable Wall
    Price upon request
    Algaflex -  - Movable Wall
    Price upon request
    Alco Beldan -  - Movable Wall
    Alco Beldan
    Price upon request
    ... generations of buildings coexist. Because the wall is no longer an obstacle but an invitation to expression, renovation takes on its true meaning, creativity as a starting point for rationality and profitability. Freeing the walls means giving all power to the designer's imagination. Using technologies capable of translating the most personal ideas, everything is allowed: integrate instead of separating and adapting instead of breaking, giving relief to what was flat and bringing out what was forgotten, reconciling styles and playing with environments...

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