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    Index card box - Boxes and files

    A card box is a storage tool used to organize and store cards, usually reference cards, vocabulary cards, contact cards or study cards. Card boxes are often used in professional environments, classrooms and home offices to facilitate quick access to information. Here is some additional information about the card boxes:

    Size and capacity: Plug boxes are available in different sizes to fit the different sizes of the plugs. They can vary in capacity, ranging from a few dozen to hundreds of cards, depending on their format and internal configuration.

    Materials: Plug boxes are usually made of plastic, metal or rigid

    ... cardboard. Transparent plastic models offer a direct view of the contents, while metal or rigid cardboard models offer additional protection.

    Organization: File boxes provide organization options for sorting and filing files. This may include internal separators, alphabetical or thematic tabs, or labels to easily identify the content of each section.

    Accessories: Some plug boxes come with handy accessories, such as built-in pen holders, indexing guides or removable lids for ease of use.

    Portability: Some plug boxes are designed to be easily transportable, with carrying handles or secure closures. This makes it easy to take them on trips or trips.

    There are many manufacturers that offer card boxes of different brands and models. Some reputable manufacturers include Esselte, Oxford, Rolodex, C-Line and Avery.

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