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    Cheese grater - Cooking mills

    A cheese grinder, also known as a rotary cheese grater, is a kitchen utensil specially designed to grate or grind cheese into small crumbs or powder. These mills offer a convenient solution for grating cheese quickly and efficiently, which is especially useful when preparing dishes that require grated cheese as an ingredient or filling.

    Characteristics and Use of a Cheese Mill:

    Rotary Blade: The cheese mills have a rotary blade inside that grates the cheese when you turn the crank. The blades are generally made of stainless steel and are designed to grate cheese evenly.

    Versatility: In addition to cheese,

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    Double action cheese mill with hand-crank: grater and slice Chop the cheese by rotating the crank in ...

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    ... some models of cheese mills can also be used to grate other foods such as vegetables, nuts or chocolate.

    Grater Types: Cheese mills can have different hole sizes to get different grating textures, ranging from coarse to fine.

    Ease of Use: Cheese mills are easy to use. Simply place the cheese in the compartment, turn the crank and the cheese crumbs come out through the grater holes.

    Cheese Mills Manufacturers in Europe:

    Microplane: This Swiss brand is renowned for its kitchen graters, including rotary models for cheese.

    Westmark: A German brand that offers a range of kitchen utensils, including quality cheese mills.

    Gefu: This German brand offers various kitchen utensils, including rotary cheese mills.

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