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    Hand sweeper - Various DIY

    A mechanical sweeper is a manual cleaning tool designed to clean up dirt, debris and dust on floors without the need for electricity or batteries. It works thanks to internal mechanisms that allow to sweep and collect particles on surfaces. Here is some information about the mechanical broom:

    How it works: The mechanical sweeper typically uses rotating brushes or rollers to sweep dirt and debris into an integrated collection compartment. When you push the mechanical broom forward, the brushes rotate and pick up the particles from the ground, then transfer them to the collection compartment.

    Types of brushes: Mechanical brushes

    ... can have brushes made of nylon, natural bristles or rubber. Nylon brushes are effective at picking up fine particles and hair, while rubber brushes are ideal for collecting animal hair and bulkier debris.

    Suitable for hard floors: Mechanical sweepers are mainly used on hard floors, such as tile, parquet, laminate or vinyl. They can also be used on short-haired carpets, but they are not as effective as traditional vacuum cleaners for deep carpet cleaning.

    Benefits: Power brushes are easy to use, lightweight and quiet. They do not require electrical connection or batteries, which makes them convenient for everyday use or for small surfaces. They are also environmentally friendly, as they do not use electrical energy or disposable bags.

    Maintenance: After each use, it is important to empty the dirt collection compartment and clean the brushes to maintain the performance of the mechanical broom.

    There are several well-known manufacturers of power brushes, including Bissell, Eureka, Leifheit, Oreck and Shark.

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