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    Potted foliage - Foliage

    Stabilized foliage is a type of natural foliage that has been treated to preserve its original color and texture for several years, without the need for regular maintenance such as watering or pruning. This type of foliage is achieved by using a special treatment method that involves immersing the foliage in a mixture of glycerin and water, which replaces the plant's natural sap. The stabilization process preserves the flexibility and natural appearance of the foliage while extending its lifespan.

    Stabilized foliage is often used for interior decoration, landscaping, and the entertainment industry, as it can be creatively used to create

    Verdissimo - aralia - Potted Foliage

    Commonly known as Angelica Tree. It is native to Asia (Japan and China) and the American continent. ...

    Price upon request
    ... realistic and natural settings. The advantages of stabilized foliage compared to artificial foliage are that stabilized foliage is entirely natural and does not contain any plastic or synthetic materials, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable option.

    There are several manufacturers of stabilized foliage, including:

    Verdissimo: A Spanish company specializing in the production of stabilized foliage for interior and exterior decoration.

    Plant'styl: A French company that offers stabilized foliage for landscaping and interior decoration.

    Eternaleds: An American company that provides stabilized foliage for special events, landscaping, and interior decoration.

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