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    Pigment - Various Objets' d'art and Ornaments

    A pigment is a colouring substance used to give colour to paints, inks, cosmetics, plastics and other materials. Pigments are usually solid particles that are insoluble in the medium in which they are used. They can be of natural origin, such as minerals, plants or animals, or synthetic, manufactured in a laboratory.

    Pigments are available in a wide range of colours and shades, allowing a wide variety of artistic and aesthetic choices. Some common types of pigments are

    1. Mineral pigments: These are pigments of natural origin extracted from minerals such as ochre, clay, charcoal, lapis lazuli, azurite, indigo, etc. They

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    ... offer a range of natural colours and shades. They offer a range of natural, earthy colours.

  • Organic pigments: These pigments are derived from organic materials, such as plants, insects and animals. For example, madder, cochineal carmine, natural indigo are organic pigments. They offer a range of bright, saturated colours.

  • Synthetic pigments: These are pigments made in a laboratory from chemical compounds. They offer high colour stability, a wide range of shades and consistent reproducibility. Synthetic pigments include inorganic pigments such as titanium dioxide (white), iron oxides (red, yellow, brown) and manufactured organic pigments such as phthalocyanines (blue, green).

  • Fluorescent pigments: These pigments are designed to fluoresce, i.e. emit visible light at a certain wavelength. They are often used in inks, sign paints, cosmetics and safety products.

  • Pearlescent pigments: Pearlescent pigments, also known as iridescent pigments or mother-of-pearl effect, are pigments that give a shiny and light-reflecting effect, similar to that of pearls. They are used in cosmetics, automotive paints, inks and varnishes.

  • Here are some well-known pigment manufacturers that have a website where you can get more information about their products:

    1. Clariant : Clariant is a global supplier of pigments and dyes offering a wide range of pigments for various industrial applications including paints, inks, plastics and cosmetics.

    2. BASF : BASF is a global chemical company offering a wide range of pigments and pigment dispersions for various industries including coatings, plastics, printing inks and cosmetics.

    3. Ferro Corporation : Ferro Corporation is a manufacturer of functional materials, including pigments and pigment dispersions, used in a variety of industrial applications, ranging from coatings to ceramics to plastics.

    4. Merck : Merck is a science and technology company offering a wide range of pigments for the paint, ink, plastics and cosmetics industries. Their Pigments division offers innovative and high quality products.

    5. Huntsman Corporation : Huntsman Corporation is a global manufacturer of chemicals, including pigments and dyes used in various industrial applications. Their range of pigments includes products for paints, inks, plastics and other sectors.

    6. Sudarshan Chemical Industries : Sudarshan Chemical Industries is an Indian pigment manufacturer offering a wide range of pigments for the paints, inks, plastics and cosmetics industries. Their website provides detailed information on their products.

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