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    Egg slicer - Cutting and Peeling

    An egg cap, also known as an egg cup or egg drainer, is a small tabletop accessory designed to keep a boiled egg upright while it is being cut and eaten.

    Here is a description of the different styles of egg hats and some famous European manufacturers:

    Metal egg cap: Metal egg caps, usually made of stainless steel or silver, are elegant and durable. They are designed to keep the egg upright during cutting.

    European manufacturers of metal egg caps: Alessi (Italy), WMF (Germany).
    Porcelain egg hat: Porcelain egg hats are delicate and elegant. They are often decorated with attractive

    LEIFHEIT -  - Egg Slicer

    ? The 3-in-1: cut the eggs of your choice into round slices, ovals or quarters.

    Price upon request
    Ducerf -  - Egg Slicer
    Price upon request
    WHITE LABEL - coupe oeufs double fonctions - Egg Slicer

    2 déclinaisons

    Price upon request
    ... patterns or colors.

    European manufacturers of porcelain egg hats: Villeroy & Boch (Germany), Royal Copenhagen (Denmark).
    Wooden egg hat: Wooden egg hats are rustic and add a natural touch to the table. They are usually made from hardwood, such as beech or oak.

    European manufacturers of wooden egg hats: Peugeot (France), Boska (Netherlands).
    Plastic egg cap: Plastic egg caps are lightweight and economical. They are often available in a variety of bright colors.

    European manufacturers of plastic egg hats: Guzzini (Italy), Rosti Mepal (Netherlands).

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