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    Coat of arms - Wall decorations

    A coat of arms is a heraldic symbol used to represent an individual, a family, an organization, or a geographical entity. It is typically composed of a shield, known as an escutcheon, on which various heraldic elements such as colors, shapes, figures, and patterns are depicted.

    Coats of arms have been used since the Middle Ages and are associated with the science of heraldry, which studies the rules and principles of designing and using coats of arms. Each heraldic element used in a coat of arms has a symbolic meaning and can represent specific attributes, values, origins, or achievements.


    ROY MARTIN -  - Coat Of Arms

    Family crest in oak. All details are specifically bespoke and personal to this family's history and ...

    Price upon request
    La Timonerie -  - Coat Of Arms
    La Timonerie

    Bronze mouth tap on cozy Batral Jacques Cartier

    Price upon request
    POTERIE TOURNESOL -  - Coat Of Arms
    Price upon request
    POTERIE TOURNESOL -  - Coat Of Arms
    Price upon request
    POTERIE TOURNESOL -  - Coat Of Arms
    Price upon request
    ... used elements in coats of arms include :

    - Geometric shapes such as bands, chevrons, crosses, stars, animals, plants, objects, and partitions that divide the shield into sections.

    - Colors, also known as tinctures, are used to represent the different elements and are often depicted as combinations of metals (such as gold or silver) and colors (such as red, blue, green).

    Here are some European manufacturers specialized in the creation and manufacturing of heraldic coats of arms:

    1. L'Atelier d'Héraldique et de Calligraphie (France) - This French workshop offers custom design and production of heraldic coats of arms using traditional calligraphy and painting techniques.

    2. The College of Arms (United Kingdom) - It is the official heraldic authority of the United Kingdom, responsible for the design and regulation of heraldic coats of arms. The College of Arms creates coats of arms for British families, institutions, and organizations.

    3. Studio Targa (Italy) - Studio Targa is an Italian workshop specialized in creating heraldic coats of arms using artisanal techniques. They offer customized designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

    4. Heraldic Art (Poland) - Heraldic Art is a Polish company specialized in the design and manufacturing of heraldic coats of arms in metal, such as plaques and emblems. They combine artisanal techniques with modern technologies to create unique pieces.

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