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    Exterior moulding - Architectural elements

    "Modelling" is a term used in architecture and carpentry to refer to decorative or functional elements that adorn mouldings, cornices, frames, door and window frames, as well as other architectural elements.

    Models are used to add richness, texture and aesthetics to the surfaces and contours of architectural structures. They can be sculpted, moulded, engraved or cut according to different motifs and styles, such as volutes, flutes, acanthus leaves, rosettes, pearls, friezes and many others. The models can be made of wood, stone, plaster, metal or other materials, depending on the desired use and architectural style.

    In addition to their decorative

    ... appearance, models can also be used to hide joints, reinforce structures, protect surfaces from the elements or create shade and light effects.

    The models are often used in historic buildings, houses of traditional or classical style, as well as in architectural restoration works. They help create an elegant and refined atmosphere, adding dimension and character to the architecture.

    Artisans who specialize in making and installing models are often carpenters, wood carvers, stonemasons or plasterers. They are able to create custom models according to the specifications and requirements of each project.

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