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    Roasting tray - Various kitchen and cooking items

    A chip lick, also known as a perforated plate or chip rack, is a kitchen accessory designed to bake chips in the oven evenly by allowing hot air to circulate around the chips.

    Renowned European manufacturers of French fries:

    Paderno (Italy): Paderno is an Italian brand that makes a variety of high quality kitchen utensils, including French fries.

    Kaiser (Germany): Kaiser is a German company that offers cooking utensils, including quality French fries.

    Tescoma (Czech Republic): Tescoma is a well-established Czech brand that offers a range of kitchen accessories, including French fries.

    Savy barbecue et grill Lyon -  - Roasting Tray
    Savy barbecue et grill Lyon

    620x250mm, stainless steel, welded handles with wooden handles. This product is manufactured in our ...

    Price upon request

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