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    Pumice stone - Various bathroom items

    Pumice is a light, porous volcanic rock that forms during certain volcanic eruptions. It is mainly composed of volcanic glass with trapped air bubbles that give it its light texture and ability to float in the water. The color of pumice usually varies from white to light grey, although there may be shades of beige, brown or pink depending on the mineral composition of the rock.

    Features and uses of pumice stone:

    Lightness: Pumice stone is very light, which makes it easy to handle and carry.

    Porosity: Due to its porous structure, pumice stone is able to absorb and retain

    THE LAUNDRESS - sweater stone - Pumice Stone
    sweater stone

    This natural volcanic Sweater Stone easily removes unsightly pills renewing the finish of heavier- ...

    Esprit Equo -  - Pumice Stone
    Esprit Equo

    Natural pumice stone of volcanic origin. Eliminates calluses from the feet and dead skin from the ...

    ... water. This is why it is often used as a natural sponge or to eliminate dead skin when wet.

    Abrasiveness: The surface of the pumice stone is slightly rough, which makes it useful for exfoliating the skin or for cleaning surfaces such as calluses on the feet, rough elbows or residues embedded on objects.

    Cosmetic use: Pumice stone is used in many skin care and beauty products, such as facial and body scrubs, foot creams and hand scrubs.

    Domestic use: Pumice stone is also used to clean hard, scratch-resistant surfaces such as sinks, toilet bowls and pans.

    Landscaping: In landscaping, pumice is sometimes used as mulch or as a decorative element in gardens because of its lightness and attractive colour.

    Industrial use: Pumice is used in certain industrial processes, such as the removal of paints or coatings, surface polishing or filtration in certain types of filters.

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