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    Génoise tile - Facades and roofs

    The Genoese cornice is a type of cornice characteristic of the traditional architecture of the Liguria region in Italy. It is often used in Genoese-style buildings, hence its name.

    The Genoese cornice consists of several stacked elements, each serving a specific function. The first element is the ceiling, which is the upper part of the cornice and serves to protect the wall from water infiltration. The ceiling is topped with a marquise band, which is a horizontal piece that slightly protrudes from the wall. The marquise band has a decorative function but also helps prevent water from running down the

    ... façade.

    Above the marquise band are a series of corbels, which are projecting elements that support the cornice. The corbels often have elaborate shapes, with sculpted or relief patterns. The corbels are often in pairs and symmetrically arranged on the façade.

    Above the corbels is the table, which is the uppermost part of the cornice. The table can be plain or decorative, with sculpted motifs or ornaments. The table is often topped with a gently sloping roof, known as the cover.

    The Genoese cornice is an important element of traditional Ligurian architecture, and it is often used to give character and authenticity to modern buildings in the region. It is also used in other parts of the world to add an Italian touch to local architecture.

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