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    Olive oil dispenser - Dish mats

    A table fountain is a device used to serve water or other drinks at meals or events. It is designed to be placed on the table, providing easy access for guests. Here are some features and information about table-top fountains:

    Structure and capacity: Table-top fountains generally consist of a central reservoir containing the drink, a dispensing system and a tap or spout for serving guests. The capacity of table-top fountains can vary, from a few litres to several litres, depending on the specific model and the needs of the event.

    Materials: Table-top fountains can be made from different materials such

    SOLABLE - --lafontaine – 5 litres - Olive Oil Dispenser
    --lafontaine – 5 litres

    LaVie® UV-A water purifiers work without filters or maintenance and allow you to purify your tap ...

    SOLABLE - lafontaine – 5 litres - Olive Oil Dispenser
    lafontaine – 5 litres

    LaVie® UV-A water purifiers work without filters or maintenance and allow you to purify your tap ...

    ... as glass, stainless steel, plastic or crystal. The choice of material depends on the aesthetics required, the desired durability and the specific requirements for use.

    Design and styles: Table fountains are available in a variety of designs and styles to suit different settings and occasions. They can be classic and elegant, modern and minimalist, or even adorned with patterns or decorative details to add an aesthetic touch to the table.

    How they work: Table fountains are generally easy to use. The drink is poured into the central reservoir and then dispensed to guests by opening the tap or operating the spout. Some table-top fountains can also be fitted with cooling systems to keep drinks cool for extended periods.

    Versatile uses: Table-top fountains are versatile and can be used to serve water, fruit juices, lemonades, cocktails or other refreshing drinks at meals, parties, receptions or special events. They are ideal for providing easy access to drinks and allowing guests to serve themselves.

    Maintenance: Table-top fountains are generally easy to clean. After use, they can be taken apart and washed by hand with soap and hot water, or put in the dishwasher if they are compatible.

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