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    Sewing scissors - Fashion

    Sewing scissors are essential tools for dressmakers and seamstresses. They are used to cut fabrics, threads and sewing materials accurately.

    Sewing scissors styles:

    Fabric scissors: Fabric scissors are designed to cut pieces of fabric. They usually have long, sharp blades that allow smooth cuts through different types of fabrics.

    Embroidery scissors: These scissors are small in size, with thin sharp blades, making them ideal for cutting threads, making precise cuts and working details in embroidery.

    Notching scissors: The notching scissors have serrated blades that create a scalloped border on the fabric when cutting. This prevents the fabric from fraying, which

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    ... is especially useful for light and delicate fabrics.

    Sharp Tip Scissors: These scissors have sharp and thin blades, making them suitable for cutting corners, rounded corners and tight angles.

    Tailor scissors: Tailor scissors are generally longer than standard cloth scissors, with long straight blades. They are used to cut pieces of clothing and for larger cuts.

    European manufacturers of sewing scissors:

    Kai: Kai is a Japanese company that makes high quality sewing scissors and is highly regarded by fashion designers around the world.

    Gingher: Gingher, an American brand, is known for its high-quality sewing scissors, although often associated with European couturiers.

    Fiskars: Fiskars is a Finnish company that produces a range of durable and functional sewing scissors.

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