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    Grape crusher - Various equipment

    A grape crusher, also known as a crusher-destemmer, is equipment used in wine production to separate grapes from stalks and to lightly crush the grapes to extract juice. 


    Styles of grape crushers:


    Manual grape crusher: This is a basic model operated manually. The grapes are placed in the hopper, then an arm or crank is used to crush the grapes and separate them from the stalks. This style is often used for small amounts of grapes.


    Electric Grape Crusher: Electric grape crushers use a motor to perform the de-stemming and crushing process. They are more effective at processing larger amounts

    ... of grapes and are commonly used by small wine producers.


    Crusher-destemmer: A crusher-destemmer is a combined equipment that destemmes grapes (removes stalks) and crushes them in a single process. It can be manual, electric or even hydraulic to process larger quantities of grapes.


    Pneumatic grape crusher: This type of grape crusher uses compressed air to crush grapes. It provides precise control over the crushing process and is often used by professional wine producers.


    Hydraulic Grape Crusher: Hydraulic Grape Crushers use a hydraulic system to apply controlled pressure to the grapes, allowing the juice to be extracted efficiently. They are adapted to large volumes of grapes.


    European manufacturers of grape crushers:


    Pellenc (France) 


    Enoveneta (Italy)


    Criveller Group (Italy) 

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