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    Fruit press - Graters

    The fruit grater is a versatile tool that makes the most of your favorite fruits. It quickly and efficiently transforms fruits into zests to flavor your dishes, purées for desserts or fine particles to garnish your recipes.

    Practical Uses:

    Citrus Zest: Grate citrus zest such as lemon, orange or lime to flavor your dishes and desserts.

    Fruit Purees: Turn fruits like apples, pears or strawberries into purees for smoothies, sauces and desserts.

    Toppings and Decorations: Grate fruits such as apple or carrot to garnish salads and dishes, or to add a decorative touch to your creations.

    Some renowned European manufacturers

    Microplane International -  - Fruit Press
    Microplane International

    Durable, photochemically manufactured blade - made in USA - in stainless steel, Elegant handle ...

    Price upon request
    Cuisipro -  - Fruit Press

    Cuisipro 4 Sided Box Grater, The Cuisipro Grater featuring Surface Glide Technology™ and soft- ...

    Microplane -  - Fruit Press

    In the kitchen, grate finely with the Microplane 45001 grater! The fine grater from the GOURMET ...

    Microplane -  - Fruit Press

    The Gourmet double-edged grater is ideal for effortlessly cutting vegetables and chocolate with a ...

    ... of fruit graters are:

    Bron Coucke (France): Bron Coucke is a French company specialized in the manufacture of quality kitchen utensils, including fruit graters. Their products are renowned for their durability and efficiency.

    Paderno (Italy): Paderno is an Italian company that offers a variety of kitchen utensils, including quality fruit graters. Their products are designed to be practical and functional.

    Westmark (Germany): Westmark is a German company that has been producing quality kitchen utensils for many years. Their fruit graters are known for their efficiency and durability, and they are made in Germany.

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