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    Bottle capper - Various equipment

    A capping machine is an industrial equipment used to hermetically seal capsules on containers such as bottles, jars and vials. These machines are commonly used in the food, pharmaceutical and beverage industry to ensure the quality and integrity of packaged products. Here is a description of the different styles of cappers and some renowned European manufacturers in this field:

    Capper styles:

    Rotary capper:

    Rotary capping machines are designed for processing large volumes of containers. They use a rotation system to position and seal the capsules effectively.
    Piston capper:

    Piston cappers use a piston to apply constant force to the capsule

    Tom Press - electrique - Bottle Capper
    Tom Press

    Electric table capsule for 26, 29 and 31 mm crown cap capsules as well as plastic cider/champagne ...

    ... and ensure a tight seal.
    Screw capper:

    Screw cappers use a screw system to screw the capsules onto the containers. They are commonly used for screw caps.
    Pressure capper:

    Pressure cappers apply a vertical force to the capsule to seal it hermetically without rotation.
    Line Capper:

    In-line capping machines are integrated into an automated production line and operate continuously for product packaging.
    Semi-automatic capper:

    Semi-automatic cappers require manual intervention to place capsules on containers, but they automate the sealing process.
    Manual Capper:

    Manual capping machines are designed for artisanal use or in small production workshops. They require human intervention for every step of the process.
    European manufacturers of renowned cappers:

    Bertolaso (Italy)

    Arol Group (Italy)

    Cames (Italy)

    Piston Italia (Italy)

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