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    Utensil hanger - Racks & supports

    A utensils bar, also called a kitchen bar, is a practical kitchen accessory designed to organize and store kitchen utensils such as knives, spatulas, spoons and whisks. These bars are often attached to the wall or suspended above the worktop, providing quick and easy access to utensils while freeing up storage space in drawers and kitchen cabinets. Here is a description of the different styles of utensils bars and some renowned European manufacturers in this field:

    Utensils bar styles:

    Magnetic Bar:

    Magnetic bars use strong magnets to hold utensils in place. They offer an elegant and modern solution for storing


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    ... knives and other metal utensils.
    Wooden bar:

    The wooden bars are made from solid wood, providing a warm and natural look to the kitchen. They can be wall mounted or suspended.
    Stainless steel bar:

    The stainless steel bars are corrosion resistant and offer a contemporary and clean look in the kitchen.
    Plastic bar:

    Plastic bars are light and economical. They are usually hung from the wall and are suitable for kitchens with a limited budget.
    Multifunctional bar:

    Some utensils bars are designed to offer additional features, such as hooks for hanging pans or shelves for storing spices.
    European manufacturers of renowned utensils bars:

    Zwilling, Germany

    Joseph Joseph (United Kingdom)

    Rösle (Germany)

    Ikea (Sweden)

    Alessi (Italy)

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