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    Mascaron - Architectural elements

    In architecture, a mascaron is an ornament generally representing a sometimes frightening human figure whose function was, originally, to keep away evil spirits so that they did not enter the house.

    A mascaron is a carved or moulded decorative element representing a human face or animal head, often used as an architectural ornament. Mascarons are usually placed on building façades, cornices, portals, fountains or other architectural elements to add a decorative and expressive touch.

    Mascarons have been present in architecture since Antiquity and have been used in different periods and architectural styles. They can take different forms, ranging from realistic

    ... human faces to fantastic or grotesque figures. Some mascarons represent divinities, mythological heroes or symbolic characters.

    With regard to mascaron manufacturers, it is important to note that most mascarons are created by artisans sculptors or artists specialized in ornamental sculpture. There are no specific manufacturers of mascarons, but rather artisans and companies specialized in sculpture and architectural ornamentation.

    To find quality mascarons, it is recommended to look for artisans sculptors or art workshops specialized in ornamental sculpture. You can consult directories of local artisans, visit art exhibitions or trade shows specializing in architecture and decoration.

    It is also possible to find old or vintage mascarons in antique shops or online sales sites specialized in ancient architectural elements. These mascarons can be restored and reused in renovation or ornamentation projects.

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