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    Cork square - Wood, flooring, panels

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    Cork It's the pleasure of being in a natural and intimate atmosphere, with a soft and warm material to the touch even in winter. This is a unique comfort, as the cork captures and retains the ambient heat. It also reduces noise and reduces resonance. Finally, it is a healthy coating appreciated by people with respiratory allergies. Moisture-resistant, it is also ideal for damp rooms (kitchen, bathroom). Easy to maintain and pose, you may prefer it natural (to be treated like a wood floor with hard oil and wax) or waxed. Cork is a natural material with a warm appearance ...
    Cristina Toledo -  - Cork Square
    Cristina Toledo

    Designer : Cristina Toledo

    Price upon request
    DOF CORK -  - Cork Square


    Easy Liege
    Cristina Toledo
    ... and excellent qualities of thermal and phonic insulation. It also has a very good resistance to moisture and dirt. Decorative cork is sold in slabs of different types: 1/ Cork slabs bark or cork sanded for the walls and ceilings of living rooms. 2/ Special bathroom slabs that are treated to have better moisture resistance. 3/ Floor slabs: waxed, varnished or laminated

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