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    Tatin mould - Moulds

    A tatin mold, also known as the Tatin pie mold, is a kitchen utensil specially designed to prepare the Tatin pie, a famous French dessert made from caramelized apples and puff pastry or shortcrust. The tatin moulds are designed to bake and serve the pie in one piece, turning the pie after cooking so that the caramelized apples are on top.

    Styles: Tatin molds vary in terms of styles depending on the material and design details. Examples of common styles include:

    Metal Tatin Molds: These molds are durable and offer excellent thermal conductivity, which is ideal for cooking caramelized apples.

    Lekue -  - Tatin Mould

    Removable mould for Tatin pie. The ceramic base and dish fit together to ensure an easy, safe and ...

    Price upon request
    Matfer Bourgeat - mt341221 - Tatin Mould
    Matfer Bourgeat

    Professional quality, this mould, made of inner-sided copper, will make it easy to make your tatin ...

    108 € approx.
    ... They may have a non-stick coating to facilitate demoulding.

    Ceramic or enamel tatin moulds: Ceramic or enamel moulds are elegant and are ideal for serving at the table. They diffuse heat evenly and are ideal for Tatin pies.

    Tatin moulds with handles: Some tatin moulds are equipped with handles to facilitate the transport of the mould from the oven to the table.

    European manufacturers of tatin moulds: Several renowned European manufacturers offer high quality tatin moulds. Some of the most renowned brands include:

    Le Creuset (France): Le Creuset is a French brand well known for its enamelled cast iron cookware, including high quality enameled cast iron tatin molds.

    Tarte Tatin (France): This brand, which bears the name of the famous tart, offers a range of tatin molds specially designed for this iconic recipe.

    De Buyer (France): De Buyer is a French brand that makes a variety of kitchen utensils including professional grade stainless steel tatin molds.

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