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    Tub - Various DIY

    A basin is generally a round or oval container, deep and shallow, used for a variety of household tasks. Here is some information about the basins:

    Materials: The basins can be made from different materials, such as plastic, metal or ceramic. Plastic basins are common because they are lightweight, affordable, easy to clean and corrosion resistant. Metal basins, like stainless steel, are durable and resistant. Ceramic basins offer a more aesthetic appearance and can be used for decorative purposes, but they are generally more fragile.

    Capacity: The basins are available in different sizes and capacities, ranging from a few liters

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    ... to several tens of liters. The capacity of the basin depends on the intended use, whether it is washing clothes, soaking items, storing water or performing other household tasks.

    Common uses: The basins have many uses in the house. They are often used for washing clothes by hand, soaking articles, cleaning floors, bathing pets, washing vegetables or fruit, and mixing chemicals..

    Handles: Most basins are equipped with solid handles, often located on opposite sides, to facilitate the transport and delivery of contents. The handles can be integrated into the basin or attached with screws or rivets.

    Maintenance: Plastic basins are generally easy to clean with soap and water. Metal basins may require additional maintenance to avoid corrosion or staining.

    There are many renowned manufacturers of basins, offering different sizes, shapes and materials. Some well-known manufacturers include Rubbermaid, Sterilite, Behrens, Curver and Mason Cash.

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