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    Fake furniture - Imitations

    A fake piece of furniture is one that mimics the appearance of a specific material or style, but is made from different materials. It is designed to look like an authentic piece of furniture, but at a lower cost or with different features.

    Fake furniture is often used to reproduce materials such as wood, marble, leather or other popular finishes, without requiring the use of real materials. For example, a false wooden cabinet can be made from particle board covered with wood veneer that mimics the appearance of solid wood.

    Fake furniture has certain advantages over authentic furniture. They are

    ... often cheaper, lighter and easier to maintain. In addition, they offer a greater variety of choices in terms of colors, finishes and styles, which allows for a personalized look without compromising quality or appearance.

    Here are some European manufacturers specialized in the manufacture of fake furniture:

    • Ikea (Sweden): Ikea is a well-known Swedish company offering a wide range of affordable and functional furniture. They offer furniture that mimics different finishes, such as wood, metal and other materials, at affordable prices.

    • BoConcept (Denmark): BoConcept is a Danish company specialized in contemporary design. Their collections include furniture that imitates various materials and styles, offering elegant and modern solutions for interior design.

    • Calligaris (Italy): Calligaris is a renowned Italian brand that offers a wide range of designer furniture. Their collection includes furniture that mimics finishes such as wood, marble and leather, while offering contemporary and functional designs.

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