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    Firelighting flint - Fireside accessories

    A fire stone, also known as flint or tinder, is a traditional tool used to produce hot sparks by rubbing the stone against a hard surface, often a piece of steel or a similar piece of flint. These sparks are then captured to light a fire, usually using flammable materials such as dry foam, tinder or other easily ignitable materials. Fire stones have historically been used by ancient populations and indigenous peoples to light fires for cooking, heating and lighting.

    Using a Firestone:

    Preparation: First prepare a flammable material such as dry foam, tinder, charred cotton or dried herbs, which

    ... are placed nearby to catch sparks.

    Friction: By holding the firestone with one hand and using the other hand to hold the piece of steel or other stone, the firestone is quickly and forcefully rubbed against the hard surface. This generates sparks that land on the flammable material.

    Ignition: When sparks come into contact with the flammable material, they can cause combustion. It is then necessary to blow gently on the material to fan the flames and light a fire.

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