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    Hair brush - Brushes & Sponges

    A hairbrush is a styling tool used to untangle and comb hair. It consists of hairs or teeth that are usually attached to a plastic, wooden or metal base. There are several types of hair brushes, each with its own specific characteristics and uses.

    The most common brushes are flat brushes, round brushes, detangling brushes and pin brushes. Flat brushes are ideal for smoothing hair and styling short cuts.

    Round brushes are used to create curls and to give volume to the hair. Detangling brushes are designed to untangle hair without breaking it, while spike brushes are ideal for massaging

    Abbeyhorn -  - Hair Brush
    Hair Brush

    A beautiful mix of horn and silver, this brush makes a wonderful gift. 65mm by 116mm, Price:£ ...

    AMBIANCE PARIS -  - Hair Brush

    Medium hairbrush model Janeke black with Swarovski crystals.

    660 € approx.
    Janeke -  - Hair Brush

    Length: 22 cmExist in amber color

    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    AMBIANCE PARIS Abbeyhorn Janeke BACHCA
    BACHCA -  - Hair Brush

    Natural wooden brush, ideal for gently detangling hair. The nylon pimples, ultra flexible, penetrate ...

    ... the scalp and stimulating blood circulation.

    Manufacturers of hair brushes are numerous and include brands like Tangle Teezer, Mason Pearson, Denman, Olivia Garden, and many others.

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