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    Egg holder - Storage

    An egg carousel, also called an electric egg cooker, is a kitchen appliance specially designed to cook eggs in a convenient and accurate way. This appliance is ideal for making soft-boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, boiled eggs or other egg-based preparations without having to monitor the cooking closely. It delivers perfectly cooked eggs by adjusting cooking time and providing a controlled cooking environment.


    Boiled Eggs, Calves and Hard Boiled: Egg rides are ideal for cooking eggs to the desired consistency by adjusting the cooking time according to your preferences.

    Ease of Preparation: Egg rides eliminate the need to constantly monitor

    ... egg cooking, making them convenient for busy people.

    Breakfast and Snacks: Cooked eggs are perfect for breakfast, salads, sandwiches or as a healthy snack.

    Some well-known European manufacturers of electric egg cookers include:

    Severin: Based in Germany, Severin offers a range of household appliances, including electric egg cookers of various capacities.

    Tristar: This Dutch company offers a variety of appliances, including electric egg cookers suitable for different cooking sizes.

    Russell Hobbs: A British brand well known for its kitchen and appliance products, Russell Hobbs also offers electric egg cookers.

    Tefal: A French brand renowned for its kitchen utensils and appliances, Tefal offers electric egg cookers with various features.

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