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    Ink stain remover - Cleaning agents and abrasives

    An ink remover is a product specially designed to remove ink stains on various surfaces such as clothing, textiles, carpets, leather, paper, etc.

    Ink stains can be particularly difficult to remove, but ink-specific stain removers are formulated to work effectively on specific stains.

    Here are some European manufacturers that offer ink-specific removers:

    Dr. Beckmann: This German company offers a range of specialized cleaning products, including special ink stain removers.

    Ecover: A Belgian brand specialized in environmentally friendly cleaning products, Ecover also offers ink stain removers.

    Ulrich Natürlich: This Austrian company focuses on natural and environmentally friendly cleaning products, including ink-specific

    VALMOUR - détacheur stylo bille avel® - Ink Stain Remover

    Ball-point ink stain remover for treated (non porous) leather. Apply on stain with a ...

    ... separators.

    Sodasan: A German company, Sodasan offers environmentally friendly cleaning products, including ink stain removers.

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