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    Solvent - Maintenance products

    A thinner is a chemical used to reduce the viscosity of a paint, varnish or other product, making it more fluid and easier to apply.

    Thinners are commonly used in paint work, automotive repair, the wood industry and other applications where viscous products must be applied in thin and regular layers.

    Here are some well-known European manufacturers that offer diluents:

    Sikkens: Sikkens, a brand of AkzoNobel based in the Netherlands, is well known for its coating products, including thinners and solvents.

    Sigma Coatings: Another AkzoNobel brand, Sigma Coatings, also offers a range of paint and varnish thinners.

    Rust-Oleum: This Dutch

    VALMOUR -  - Solvent

    Alcohol Fine A Vernis LOUIS XIII, Diluant-cleaning of alcohol varnishes. Very pure alcohol at 99 ...

    ... company offers coating solutions and thinners for a variety of DIY and industrial projects.

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