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    Perfume mister - Scents

    A perfume lance is a device used to spray perfumes into the air. It is also called a vaporizer or atomizer. The perfume lance consists of a glass or plastic bottle, a pump and a spray nozzle.

    To use a perfume lance, simply fill the bottle with the perfume of your choice, then press the pump to spray the perfume into the air. Some perfume nozzles can also be used to spray the fragrance directly onto the skin.


    Perfume home or office rooms, but they can also be used to perfume clothing or upholstery. There are many manufacturers of

    Mr & Mrs Fragrance - zia wilma - Perfume Mister
    Mr & Mrs Fragrance

    Designer : Luca Trazzi

    Catalytic Lamp

    39 € approx.
    Mr & Mrs Fragrance - vito - Perfume Mister
    Mr & Mrs Fragrance

    Designer : Luca Trazzi

    home fragrances diffuser

    35 € approx.
    Mr & Mrs Fragrance - ginger - Perfume Mister
    Mr & Mrs Fragrance

    Designer : Luca Trazzi

    Home fragrance diffuser

    28 € approx.
    ... perfume lances, offering models with different designs and materials. Some models are equipped with a refill system, while others must be replaced once the bottle is empty. The best-known brands include Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, Yves Saint Laurent, and Tom Ford.

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