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    Olive stoner - Cooking utensils

    An olive stoner is a kitchen utensil designed to remove the pits from the olives quickly and efficiently. This accessory is especially useful when preparing olives for salads, ready meals, or for making toppings.

    Some European manufacturers of olive stoners include:

    Westmark: A German company renowned for its kitchen utensils and preparation tools, including olive stoners.

    Rösle: German brand specializing in quality kitchen utensils, also offering olive stoners.

    Lurch: This German brand offers a range of innovative kitchen utensils, including olive stoners.

    Gefu: German brand that focuses on practical and elegant kitchen utensils, also offering olive stoners.

    Matfer Bourgeat - mt215408 - Olive Stoner
    Matfer Bourgeat

    This high-quality pitting is made of aluminum cast iron covered with a very strong coating specially ...


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