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    Roof tile - Facades and roofs

    A relief tile is a type of tile used for roofing that has a relief surface, i.e., with carved motifs or reliefs. Unlike flat tiles, relief tiles have a curved surface that creates patterns and shadows on the roof.

    Relief tiles are often made of terracotta and can be used for different types of roofing, including sloping roofs. They are available in a wide variety of patterns and colours, allowing aesthetic customization of the roof.

    The advantages of embossed tiles are their weatherresistance and durability, as they are often made from durable and resistant materials. In addition, their raised surface

    Tejas Borja - esmaltado verde - Roof Tile
    Tejas Borja

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    Tejas Borja ROSER BRAAS
    BRAAS -  - Roof Tile

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    ... creates an interesting visual texture and can add character and dimension to the roof.

    However, embossed tiles can be more difficult to install than flat tiles, as their curved surface requires more precise installation to avoid water leaks. They can also be more expensive than other types of tiles because of their more complex construction and more elaborate aesthetics.

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