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    Water immersion heater - Various kitchen and cooking items

    A immersion heater is a kitchen appliance that allows to heat a liquid in a precise and controlled way by dipping a heating probe in the liquid. It is commonly used for vacuum cooking, jam preparation, low temperature cooking, pasteurization and other cooking techniques that require precise temperature control. Here is a description of the different styles of immersion heaters and some renowned European manufacturers:

    Immersion Heater Styles:

    Immersion Heater: This is the most common style of immersion heater, which consists of a heating probe attached to a control box. The probe is immersed in the liquid you want to

    ... heat, while the control box is used to adjust the temperature and cooking time. Some models have a digital display for accurate temperature reading.

    Circulation Immersion Heater: Circulation immersion heaters are equipped with an integrated pump that constantly agitates the liquid to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the container. They are ideal for vacuum cooking and the preparation of large quantities of food.

    Water Bath Heater: These heaters are designed to be placed in a water container, creating a water bath. They allow food to be cooked gently and evenly. Some models have lids to seal the container and reduce water evaporation.

    European immersion heater manufacturers:


    Clifton Food Range 


    Grant Instruments 

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