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    Swiss army knife - Various decoration accessories

    The Swiss Army Knife is an iconic multifunctional tool known for its versatility and quality of manufacture. It was initially created by the Swiss company Victorinox, although the Wenger brand also played an important role in its development.

    Common features of Swiss army knives:

    Main blades: Swiss Army knives usually have one or more main blades. The main blade is often used to cut, slice and cut.

    Secondary blades: In addition to the main blade, Swiss Army knives may have secondary blades, such as a saw blade, scissors blade, wire stripping blade, punch blade, or even a nail file.


    Laguiole Actiforge -  - Swiss Army Knife
    Laguiole Actiforge

    This pocket accessory is composed of 6 functions: knife, spoon, fork, can opener, bottle opener and ...

    Leatherman -  - Swiss Army Knife

    Designed for everyday adventures, this multifunction tool has essential tools, including replaceable ...


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    Laguiole Actiforge Leatherman
    ... openers: Most Swiss Army knives are equipped with a can opener, which can also be used as a bottle opener.

    Screwdrivers: Swiss knives often have one or more screwdrivers of different sizes, making them useful for various DIY tasks.

    Corkscrew: Many Swiss Army knives include a corkscrew for opening wine bottles.

    European manufacturers of Swiss army knives:

    Victorinox (Switzerland): Victorinox is one of the most famous manufacturers of Swiss knives. The brand is based in Switzerland and produces a wide range of quality knives, including the famous Swiss Army Knife.

    Wenger (Switzerland): Wenger was another Swiss manufacturer of Swiss Army knives, but the brand merged with Victorinox in 2005. Wenger knives are still available, but under the Victorinox brand.

    Opinel (France): Although Opinel knives are best known for their traditional French design, they also offer multifunctional models similar to Swiss knives.

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