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    Panoramic wallpaper - Wallpaper

    (412 Products)
    The panoramic wallpaper dresses again whole pieces of the walls of your housing. This material, a kind of paper, distinguishes itself from its counterparts (fresco, posters, decorative panel, wallpaper) by its artistic motives which are either pictures, drawings, or printed paintings. This wall decoration suits in all the rooms, from the lounge in the room and the dining room.

    The panoramic wallpaper: what is it?

    The wallpaper panoramic, it is a kind of paper to upholster, in the strong tones which put itself on the whole piece of a wall. The most generally, it is a photography of a ...
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    de Gournay - namban - Panoramic Wallpaper
    Panoramic wallpaper

    Designer : OITOEMPONTO

    Price upon request
    de Gournay - plum blossom - Panoramic Wallpaper
    Panoramic wallpaper
    Price upon request
    WALL & DECO - ancêtre - Panoramic Wallpaper
    Panoramic wallpaper

    Designer : Giovanni Pesce

    Price upon request


    Bien Fait
    Panoramic wallpaper

    Designer : Giovanni Pesce Design Studio

    Price upon request
    de Gournay -  - Panoramic Wallpaper
    Panoramic wallpaper
    Price upon request
    de Gournay -  - Panoramic Wallpaper
    Panoramic wallpaper
    Price upon request
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    ... landscape, or an artistic illustration, a drawing, a paint. The idea is to use the architecture and the panoramic paper in one of the walls of a room to give character in this one.

    Where does it put to an accomodation?
    This wall cover suits everywhere : as well in a lounge as in rooms, or even your bathroom. And yes, some materials of strip are waterproof or in any case resist it. Do we need help to paper? The installation of the wallpaper remains accessible to all. It is just enough to stick the wallpaper and to spread it over your walls delicately.

    What prices?
    The bottom of the range for this type of product is 19 euros the roller of 11,6 x 90 cm whereas the top of the range takes up to 1120 euros for four strips of 90 x 250 cù (for a superior outfit 125€/m² for the ready-made and 155€/m² for the custom-made product).

    The panoramic wallpaper : an art gallery at home!

    The panoramic wallpaper is not only a roll, it is also a work of art when it is papered. This wall object of decoration allows to have an artistic work of the size of a wall. This thin material takes less space than a painting or a picture, who under certain thick frames, can suffocate the width of your inside; or on the contrary too small, cannot be beneficial in the whole section of wall. Therefore, they join the base of the contemporary and modern design of your “home” by their presence, by their appearance. On the contrary of the paint, the graffiti and the wall drawings, this wall dress does not almost know, if it is not less, the inconveniences that walls can undergo (cracks, walls, sourness of facades, etc.). Besides, certain materials of wallpapers resist the water.

    This object of design will allow you to have your own art gallery at the house and allows you to travel without moving from your home.