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    Decorative tree - Fences and borders

    A decorative hedge is a vegetative hedge that is designed to add aesthetic appeal to a garden or landscape. Unlike a boundary hedge, which primarily aims to define a property and provide privacy, a decorative hedge can serve as a backdrop to showcase other plants, provide habitat for wildlife, or simply add beauty to the landscape.

    Decorative hedges can be composed of different species of trees and plants, depending on the climate and geography of the region, as well as the aesthetic preferences of the owner.

    Here is a list of European manufacturers of decorative hedges:

    1. NaturoGreen (France)

    2. GreenStyle

    BAMBOULAND - dotu - Decorative Tree

    Shipping weight 28.50 kg

    Price upon request

  • Bellissa (Germany)

  • Papillon (United Kingdom) T

  • enax (Italy)

  • Terra Mater (Netherlands)

  • OutDeco (United Kingdom)

  • Easy Garden (Germany)

  • Garden Impressions (Netherlands)

  • Forest Garden Ltd (United Kingdom)

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