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    Fuel for flue less fireplace - Combustible

    For flueless fireplaces, such as bioethanol or electric fireplaces, it is important to use suitable fuels that ensure clean and safe combustion inside your space. The following is a description of the types of fuels commonly used for flueless chimneys:

    Bioethanol: Bioethanol is a liquid fuel made from vegetable raw materials, such as sugar cane or cereals. The main advantage of bioethanol is that it burns cleanly and produces only water vapor and carbon dioxide in minimal quantities during combustion. It does not require a chimney because it does not emit smoke or harmful odors. However, it is important to

    ... follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the amount of bioethanol to be used and to ensure that the room is well ventilated.

    Electricity: Electric fireplaces do not use physical fuel, but rather heating elements and LED lights to simulate realistic flames. They are powered by standard household electricity and are extremely easy to use. Electric fireplaces are ideal for ductless spaces because they do not produce smoke, gas or emissions.

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