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    Side Tambour Cupboard - Cupboards and storage

    A curtain cabinet is a piece of storage furniture with sliding doors, also known as curtains, that allow access to the interior of the cabinet. Here's some more information about curtained wardrobes:

    Structure: Curtain cupboards are generally made from materials such as wood, metal or plastic. They are designed with a solid structure to support the weight of the items stored inside.

    Sliding doors: One of the distinctive features of curtain cabinets is the use of sliding doors to open and close the cabinet. These doors move horizontally along integrated guides, allowing easy, clutter-free access to the inside of the

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    ... cabinet.

    Space-saving: The sliding doors on curtain cabinets offer a space-saving advantage over traditional hinged doors. Sliding doors don't need extra space to open outwards, allowing the wardrobe to be placed in tight spaces where circulation space is limited.

    Storage organisation: Curtain cabinets offer a versatile storage solution for a variety of items. Internal shelves, drawers and compartments can be tailored to meet specific storage needs, whether for clothes, files, office supplies, books or anything else that requires organised storage.

    Aesthetics: Curtained wardrobes are available in a range of styles, finishes and colours to suit different decors and aesthetic preferences. Whether you're going for a modern, industrial, classic or contemporary look, there are curtain cabinet options to suit your personal tastes.

    Versatile use: Curtain cabinets are commonly used in workspaces, offices, schools, libraries, hospitals and residences for their functionality and practicality. They can be used to store and organise a wide variety of items, helping to keep spaces tidy and organised.

    In a nutshell, a curtain cabinet is a practical and aesthetically pleasing piece of storage furniture, offering sliding doors for easy access to the interior of the cabinet. It is used to store a variety of items in an organised, space-saving way.

    There are many curtain cabinet manufacturers on the market. Here are just a few of the leading manufacturers in this field:

    IKEA: IKEA is a Swedish company well known for its affordable and functional furniture. They offer a range of curtain cabinets in different styles and sizes.

    Steelcase: Steelcase is a world-renowned office furniture manufacturer. They offer a wide selection of curtain cabinets suitable for use in professional office environments.

    HON: HON specialises in high quality office furniture. They offer durable and well-designed curtain cabinets to meet office storage needs.

    Herman Miller : Herman Miller is a manufacturer of high-end designer furniture. Their range of curtain cabinets stands out for its modern aesthetic and functionality.

    Knoll : Knoll specialises in office and residential furniture. Their curtain cabinets are characterised by elegant designs and great attention to detail.

    Bisley: Bisley is a British manufacturer of office cabinets and storage solutions. They are renowned for their high quality curtain cabinets, offering excellent functionality and durability. 

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