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    Wire egg basket - Storage

    An egg basket is a container specially designed to store and transport eggs. These baskets are used to protect eggs and keep them safe while facilitating their handling and transport.

    Features and Use of an Egg Basket:

    Compartments: Egg baskets are usually divided into individual compartments, each designed to hold an egg without it rolling or bumping against other eggs.

    Materials: They can be made from materials such as plastic, metal, wicker or fabric. The choice of material can affect both the appearance and durability of the basket.

    Sizes: Egg baskets are available in different sizes to accommodate various amounts

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    ... of eggs, ranging from small baskets for a few eggs to larger ones for several dozen.

    Lids: Some egg basket models are equipped with lids to protect eggs from dirt, odor and shock during transport.

    Handles: Many egg baskets are equipped with handles to facilitate transport without the risk of spilling the eggs.

    Benefits of Using an Egg Basket:

    Egg Protection: Individual compartments prevent eggs from bumping against each other, reducing the risk of cracks or breaks.

    Easy Transport: Egg baskets with handles make it easy to transport eggs without the risk of dropping them.

    Organization: They help keep eggs organized, which is useful if you buy eggs in bulk or if you have several to store.

    Presentation: Wicker egg baskets or other natural materials can add a rustic touch to the presentation of your eggs.

    Avoid Direct Contact: By using an egg basket, you avoid handling each egg individually, which can be useful if you have fragile eggs.

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