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    Notice board - Noticeboards and blackboards

    To create a physical notice board, follow these basic steps:

    Choose a suitable location: Select a wall or a visible place where you want to install your notice board. Make sure it's easily accessible and well lit.

    Choose the type of board: There are different types of physical notice boards, such as cork boards, magnetic boards, chalk boards, whiteboards, etc. Choose the one that best suits your needs. Choose the one that best suits your needs, depending on how you want to display the information.

    Determine the size of the board: Depending on the space available and the amount of

    LINTEX - wood noticeboard - Notice Board
    wood noticeboard

    Designer : Christian Halleröd

    This premium noticeboard combines a solid oak frame with a natural linen surface suitable for ...

    Price upon request
    CHAT BOARD - classic - Notice Board

    Classic inspires and promotes creative dialogue between people. It has been specially designed for ...

    Price upon request
    LINTEX - mood mobile- - Notice Board
    mood mobile-

    Mobile glass writing board, available in any of our 24 Mood colours. Feet and legs in polished ...

    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    LINTEX CHAT BOARD Kurkfabriek Van Avermaet BLOCK DESIGN Ulmann
    LINTEX - mood spaces - Notice Board
    mood spaces

    By connecting multiple mood walls, you can now create large continuous writing surfaces with ...

    Price upon request
    LINTEX - wood mobile - Notice Board
    wood mobile

    This mobile whiteboard is crafted from solid oak with a contrasting white ceramic writing surface. ...

    Price upon request
    LINTEX - frame mobile - Notice Board
    frame mobile

    Designer : Christian Halleröd et Matti Klenell.

    A double-sided glass mobile writing board with a bentwood frame. The softly rounded frame defines ...

    Price upon request
    Ulmann -  - Notice Board

    It comes in 10 "office" formats. The removable accessory holder is included (except cork panel). The ...

    Price upon request
    BLOCK DESIGN -  - Notice Board

    Innovative storage solutions for creative workspaces. Perfect for studios, co-working spaces and ...

    BLOCK DESIGN -  - Notice Board

    Innovative storage solutions for creative workspaces. Perfect for studios, co-working spaces and ...

    BLOCK DESIGN -  - Notice Board

    Kurkfabriek Van Avermaet -  - Notice Board
    Kurkfabriek Van Avermaet

    Made-to-measure cork notice board. Cork is the ideal material for bulletin boards. By placing the ...

    Price upon request
    ... information you plan to display, determine the appropriate size for your board. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate all the elements you want to display.

    Organise the sections: Divide your table into clear, distinct sections to make it easier to read and organise the information. You can use rows, columns or coloured sections to differentiate between different types of information.

    Select accessories: You can add accessories such as drawing pins, magnets, felt-tip pens, chalk, erasers, etc., depending on the type of board you have chosen. Make sure you have everything you need to display and update your information.

    Display information: Use notes, announcements, photos, graphics, calendars or any other means to display relevant information on your board. Organise it in a logical and attractive way to attract the attention of those who consult it.

    Update regularly: Make sure you regularly update your notice board with new information. Remove outdated or obsolete items to keep content fresh and relevant.

    European manufacturers:

    Legamaster: Legamaster is a well-known European manufacturer of display solutions, including corkboards, whiteboards, magnetic boards and interactive boards.

    Franken : Franken offers a wide range of display boards in Europe, such as cork boards, magnetic boards, easel boards and glass boards.

    Metroplan : Metroplan is a European supplier of display solutions, including cork boards, magnetic boards, glass boards and mobile display boards. 

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