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    Tart ring - Various kitchen and cooking items

    Pie circles are essential kitchen utensils for the preparation of pies, quiches, and other pastries. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes and materials to meet the specific needs of cooks.

    Traditional pie circle:

    Traditional pie circles are metal rings, usually made of stainless steel, that can be placed on a baking sheet or pie mold.
    They are perfect for making removable bottom pies, quiches and tarts.
    Some models are adjustable to fit different mold sizes.
    Renowned European manufacturers: De Buyer (France), Matfer Bourgeat (France).
    Silicone pie circle:

    The silicone pie circles are flexible and non-stick, making it

    ... easy to remove the pies without damaging the edges.
    They are particularly suitable for pies that do not require a removable bottom mold.
    Renowned European manufacturers: Lékué (Spain), Silikomart (Italy).
    Removable bottom pie circle:

    Removable bottom pie circles have a base that can be detached from the circle for easy demoulding of the pie.
    They are perfect for pies with fragile fillings such as fruit pies or cheesecakes.
    Renowned European manufacturers: Kaiser (Germany), Tescoma (Czech Republic).

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