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    Electric steam cooker - Various kitchen and cooking items

    Electric steam cookers are kitchen appliances designed to steam food in a convenient and efficient way. They are highly valued for their ability to preserve nutrients from foods while cooking them in a healthy way.

    Electric steamer with stackable compartments:

    This style of steam cooker is equipped with several levels or superimposed compartments.
    Each compartment can be filled with different foods, allowing several types of food to be cooked at the same time without mixing flavours.
    Some models offer the possibility to adjust the cooking time of each compartment.
    Renowned European manufacturers: Braun (Germany), Philips (Netherlands).
    Multi-function electric steam

    Magimix -  - Electric Steam Cooker

    Respectful cooking with gentle steam in beautiful stainless steel baskets, you schedule time and let ...

    Price upon request
    CLATRONIC -  - Electric Steam Cooker

    Steam cooker and clatronic rice - rk3566 CLATRONIC white Steamer and Clatronic rice. Reference: ...

    CLATRONIC -  - Electric Steam Cooker


    Multifunctional steam cookers often combine steaming with other cooking methods, such as low-temperature cooking or vacuum cooking.
    They can be used to cook a variety of foods, including vegetables, fish, meats and even desserts.
    These appliances have advanced controls for precise cooking.
    Renowned European manufacturers: Tefal (France), Moulinex (France).

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