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    Induction cooker adapter - Various kitchen and cooking items

    An induction relay disc, also known as an induction cooking converter or relay plate, is a kitchen accessory designed to allow cooking on induction cooktops using utensils that are not compatible with this technology.

    Induction hobs typically require stainless steel, cast iron or iron cookware to operate efficiently, as they use magnetic fields to generate heat.

    Different styles of induction relay discs:

    Standard Relay Disc: This is the most common relay disc style, usually round and available in different sizes to fit various pots and pans.

    Double-sided relay disc: Some models have a magnetic surface on both sides, which allows

    ... them to be turned over to use different sizes of utensils.

    Grooved bottom relay disc: Some relay discs have a grooved or textured bottom for better adhesion to induction plates.

    Renowned European manufacturers of induction relay discs:

    Kuhn Rikon (Switzerland): Kuhn Rikon is a Swiss company well known for its high-quality kitchen utensils. They offer stainless steel induction relay discs.

    Fissler (Germany): Fissler is a renowned German manufacturer of kitchen utensils. They also offer quality induction relay discs.

    Spring (Switzerland): Spring is a Swiss brand renowned for its kitchen utensils and accessories, including induction relay discs.

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